WellFit Gym in Malibu California

Well Fit is a popular search term these days, and for good reason. With everything going on in the world due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, many people are wanting to have fun, travel, and stay healthy. It’s often hard to do all of these things at the same time, but what if you were able to do that? That’s when a wellness retreat can come into play. This means that you get to truly pamper yourself, as well as stay in shape an, by joining a good vacation retreat in the Malibu area. In this guide, we’re going to tell you how you can become happier and healthier, and actually enjoy going to a fitness retreat like everyone else.

Why Would You Want to Do That?!

We know that some people would wonder why going on a vacation to exercise doesn’t sound like much of a vacation at all, but believe it or not, there are many benefits of doing so. So why would you want to enjoy a vacation with being sore, tired, and exhausted instead of relaxing on the beach sipping cosmos? We’ll explain that.

The first thing you need to consider is the resort that you’re going to stay at. With a bountiful nature scenery, you’ll see that it is fun from the moment that you arrive to one. The energy is totally different than staying in a hotel. When you go to WellFit Malibu, you end up staying in a cozy little cottage cabin instead of a luxury suite. Think about how much fun you had during summer camp when you were younger… Except this is much better! You don’t have to share your cabin with 30 other people like you would when you were a kid.

Inside your cottage, you also get wooden furniture and a private bathroom. It’s still like having a home away from home, and it looks absolutely rustic and amazing. This is because during your stay, you’re going to work up a big sweat, and going back to a natural cozy environment when you go into your cabin will help you relax even more.

What Are the Amenities?

You get to go to a place where they have a large pool sure, but when you go here, you feel as though you’re on a reality show. There’s an aerobics fitness center and even a hot tub and spa. And more importantly, it is filled with surprises that make it a luxury retreat. You get access to:

  • A fun-filled carousel that brings you back to your childhood.
  • A large piece of carnival equipment that is often rented by many celebrities, so you may end up sneaking a peak at them.
  • The show called “Stronger” is filmed here, so you may catch a glimpse of an episode in the makings.
  • The cabins are designed from a popular show as well, and the staff is very nice and cater to your every need!

Do You Get to Choose Your Own Exercise?

Believe it or not, one of the great things that helps in this, is that you actually get a personal training program that is suited to help you get fit fast. You don’t get to just pick your own regime either – you end up getting busy every morning with a 2-hour long hike on a trail, then do afternoon strength training, a H.I.I.T. course, Zumba, and even Aqua training. You don’t pick what you want to do, you end up doing everything on the list based on what your instructors are doing that day! This causes your body to go into super-training mode, so you can end up getting more stamina in the long run, and then crawl back into your cabin at the end of the day to collapse in a cozy bed and bath.

What About the Food?

One thing that’s important too, is that the food at the Well Fit Malibu is extremely nutritious. While they’re catered to provide meals for those who are trying to lose weight, so the menu is planned to 1500 daily calories, and is chock full of fruits, veggies, and good protein sources. More than anything though, the food is extremely delicious and presentable made by their top chefs. It is full of healthy carbs, and you can enjoy eating. While you are there, you’ll be surprised, but you’ll eat numerous times a day on their strict plan instead of just your normal high calorie 1-3 meals a day to reset your metabolism.


While many people don’t consider this to be an actual vacation retreat, WellFit Malibu can indeed be a great treat for those who are wanting to get away from home, and kickstart themselves into a new and healthy lifestyle as well!

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