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    • Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

      Comment on "Busting the Impulse-Buying Addiction"

      Good advice Joan!  With the holidays coming up I try to make a shopping list and STICK to it.  Even better, I can now do most of my shopping online and avoid the impulse buying at the store....  



      • Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

        Interpreting your genetics- Free online summit

        If you want to learn more about how to interpret your genetic information, this free summit may be for you.  Check it out and register on the link. Would love to hear your feedback!

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        • Curtis Solis

          Volleyball Today - The Benefits of a Great Team Sport

          Possibly the most well-known of team sports activities is soccer but there are also other people, like volleyball, that have the exact same essential effects for the contributors.Volleyball, is unfortunately a neglected activity. It has neither been promoted as need to have been nor it is of the ...