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    • Jennie Schluth

      Ten Habits to Strengthen Your Relationship

      ...Seem like going above and beyond? It's a foolproof way to hear what happened in her life today. You...le, safe moments of connection invite whatever your child is currently grappling with to the surface, whet...

      • Jennie Schluth

        How to Break the Cycle of Shame With Your Child

        .... How we can guide children toward appropriate behavior without sham...ut how we can guide children toward appropriate behavior to get their...ou feel? I smile and feel excited, happy. Now say NO aloud your brother. Tell me what happened, Honey." "Eve...

        • Jennie Schluth

          Have fun with your kids

          Have fun with your kids Life can be pretty tiring to say the least! Rob Parsons shares how a bit of energy spent on just having fun with your kids can go a long,...

          • Chemical Free Living with Essential Oils

            Essential Oil products make natural toothpaste, remedies and nutrition for kids

            ...rds—any place a monster might be hiding. The ritual of the brave spray helps them overcome their fears, and the floral smell helps them have happy thoughts.” Travis R...