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      My Academy of Health Excellence

      Group and Individual Health Sharing American Healthcare Today! from C. Rod Maxson   provides a h...oach to healthcare and wellness. We help individuals and groups save money on medical ex...

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        Sedera Health

        Solving the Health Insurance Cost Problem for Corporate America...o provide financially for the medical needs of their employees that...businesses to provide for the medical expenses of their employees....deeply involved in issues of medical cost containment for the past...

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          MPowering Benefits

          Designed for Individuals and Families - MPowering Benefits is an Independent Marketing Agency of My Academy of...avings Account (HSA) for tax benefits and a Health Sharing solution for large medical ex...

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            Allstate Insurance

            Allstate Insurance you're in GOOD HANDS with allstate The Allstate Corporation is the largest publicly...that can deliver financial assistance and income protection when dealing with medical is...