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    • Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

      3 Ways to Lower Your Risk for Stroke

      ...deration.  You can also increase your activity level to shed extra weight, by combining cardiovascular activity such as walking with strength training. Alternating 20-minute sessio...

      • Joan Spadafina Phelps

        Healthy Habit #7: Strength and Flexibility

        Optimal strength and flexibility allows you to enjoy physical activities...nefits.  One of the best ways to achieve both strength and flexibility is by practic...Dr. McCall sights 38 health benefits of Yoga,from strength...

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        • Elizabeth Bradshaw

          Elizabeth Bradshaw

          Hello! My name is Liz and I am a Wellness Coordinator at My Academy of Health Excellence. I am here to assist you in achieving your wellness and fitness goals. 

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          • Joan Spadafina Phelps

            Healthy Aging Includes Physical Activity on a Regualr Basis For the Young & Not So Young

            A healthy balance of exercises, focusing on low impact workouts, is beneficial to an aging body. The American Council on Exercise explains that seniors may benefit from: Lower risk of injury to the lower back. Faster recovery after a stroke or heart attack. Stronger muscles and bones...

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