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    • Joan Spadafina Phelps

      Spider Veins – a Health or Beauty Dilemma?

      ...of Phlebology, explains what spider veins are and discusses several treatments to reduce those unsight...imally invasive treatment for spider veins, and involves the injection of a s...kin in the area overlying the spider veins. The light is absorbed by the red...

      • Joan Spadafina Phelps

        American Abuse of Medical Care

        One of the many abuses that have developed in the American medical care system is t...e visit the doctor.  We are speaking here, however, of unnecessary tests, treatments and prescriptions ordered by...

        • Joan Spadafina Phelps

          The Benefits of Botox Update

          Since its introduction into the global market, Botox has been high on the list of efficacious facial treatments for lines and wrinkles, usual...surgical procedures, many physician use Botox treatments to prevent the skin from spre...

          • Joan Spadafina Phelps

            Addictive Behavior: How Do You Know You Have It and What to Do? - Part Two

            In Part One of our “Addiction” blog, we discussed the terms “addiction” and “compul...can't address quitting until you're honest with yourself. In this same vein, it c...

            • Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

              Want Better Looking Skin?

              One of today’s new trends is to play with your food.  More specifically,...It’s taking natural foods from our kitchen and utilizing them as topical treatments to keep our skin looking heal...

              • Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

                The Lifesaving Importance of Getting Dental Care at Least Twice a Year

                If you haven’t seen your dental provider lately, you’re missing out on key screenings and treatments that could help you avoid dan...ding optimal care to protect oral-systemic health. Treatments for PD include nonsurgical pe...

                • Nathaniel Osman

                  Untold Stories About Dog Worming Treatment You Need to Read

                  The ideal method to take care of your pet is to just avoid them completely. In the...ial and different treatment accessible. There are a range of different worming treatments on the market. It is vital to...

                  • Tanner Kamp

                    Slumbering and Massage Therapy

                    Emotional stress, fatigue, along with sleeping disorders, can easily turn out to be several of the reasons for your own sleep deficiency.

                    • Jonah Mitchell

                      Kid's, Hard Work Then MK-1775

                      My looking at of the good reputation for drug inventions suggests that probably the...hen the initial direct was obviously a ancient, physical, chemical. Maybe drug treatments which are created rounded a n...

                      • Andrew Adkins

                        Vemurafenib Highlights And Also Misconceptions

                        Of the particular Fifty-eight treated patients 52 were approached. Affected individ...luid warmers cancer people, and also report our own exposure to Iron Chelation Treatments (ICT). Total number involving...

                        • Andrew Adkins

                          GSK2656157 - - Information About How Along with Why We Also Can Gain Using That

                          The objective of this specific particular concern is to give state-of-the-art study...ce pertaining to determining having difficulties readers along with developing treatments to handle their particular pe...