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    • Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

      FDA approves direct-to-consumer genetic testing

      ...mia. 3.  It provides data about many general body characteristics, about a wide range of health issues--such as the genetic tendencies for sleep, lactose tolerance, caffeine...

      • Joan Spadafina Phelps

        Adequate Sleep: One of the 12 Habits of Highly Healthy People

        ...ational Institutes of Health, sleep plays a vital role in good Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help p...what happens while you're sleeping. During sleep, your body time. For example, ongoing sleep deficiency can raise your ris...

        • Joan Spadafina Phelps

          5 Tips For A Better Night's Sleep

          Adequate Sleep is one of the healthy habits we...stency in getting the amount of sleep needed for your optimal health. Sleep is a remarkably productive an...prits negatively impacting your sleep. Either too little or too...kends. A healthy amount of sleep for most adults is seven to e...

          • Jennie Schluth

            Ten Habits to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Child by Laura Markham Ph.D.

            ...our children's most basic needs. Some days it's nothing short of heroic simply to feed them, bathe them, keep an encouraging tone, and get them to sleep at a reasonable hour — just s...

            • Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

              Is ADHD really a sleep problem?

              ...activity disorder (ADHD) also have sleep problems, but until now these...ted with lack of regular circadian sleep. Professor Sandra Kooij (A...ple with ADHD also tend to exhibit sleep problems."  ...looks more and more like ADHD and sleeplessness are 2 sides of the sa...

              • Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

                Lavender Essential Oil: If you only use one essential oil, this is it!

                ...reas like planes or subways to carve out your own personal oasis. 2. Sleep aid:  Again, use the cup...rop of Lavender oil on your palms and smooth on your pillow to help you sleep.  You can also diffuse l...

                • Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

                  Diffuse Away Anxiety with Essential Oils

                  ...e use is at bedtime.  Diffuse lavender oil for 15 minutes before bedtime and put a couple of drops on your pillow for a delicious nights' sleep! To purchase the purest es...

                  • Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

                    Sugar and Sleep

           is a good night of sleep. But a good night’s sleep isn’t always easy to co...bad habits that affect their sleep.     &...ight to settle down and fall asleep. One of the main culprits may...getting a good night’s sleep and then waking up with enoug...

                    • Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

                      10 Health Habits That Will Help You Live to 100

                      ...says. 5. Get at least six hours of shut-eye. Instead of skimping on sleep to add more hours to your day, get more to add years to your life. "Sleep is one of the most important...

                      • Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

                        I used to sleep like a baby- what happened?

                        ...ifficult to get a good night's sleep because your body becomes les...mean you are not getting adequate sleep at night.  Both to ease occasional stress and sleeplessness Maintaining healthy...rgy levels and the quality of your sleep.  Melatonin products com...

                        • Joan Spadafina Phelps

                          Healthy Habit #11 - Quiet Your Mind

                          For many years we’ve perceived wellness as a physical state of being you achieved if you ate healthy food, got enough sleep and got some exercise on a fairly regular basis.&nbs...

                          • Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

                            The Secret to Intermittent Fasting for Women

                   first attempt. Let’s just say I did NOT experience increased energy and clear-mindedness. The first day I under-ate and couldn’t sleep for hunger pangs. The next da...

                            • Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

                              The Third Leading Cause of Death is the US??

                              ...of the top 25 medical mistakes, watch the video here Bottom line… Keep yourself healthy, eat well, exercise, reduce stress, get adequate sleep and AVOID hospitals unless ab...

                              • Joan Spadafina Phelps

                                Parents and Exercise: Do They Seem Mutually Exclusive?

                                ...larly, if at all.  “Parents typically don’t get enough sleep and spend their days constant...your kids go to bed early, you can too.  This will give you enough sleep time to have energy for your...

                                • Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

                                  5 Day Fasting Mimicking Diet- Is it safe?

                                  ...fined as "abstinence from eating," it is something you may have tried now and then. Many of us fast for about 12 hours each day while we sleep which is when our bodies rege...

                                  • Joan Spadafina Phelps

                                    Quiet Your Mind for More Sleep

                                    ...;s getting late and you’re still not asleepSleep specialists, Colleen Carney, quiet your mind so that you can get to sleep more readily. realistic expectations and beliefs about sleep in terms of the actual amount...

                                    • Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

                                      CBD Oil: Benefits, Uses, & Side Effects

                             mood, protecting the immune system, balancing the metabolism, aiding sleep disorders, eliminating depres...BD oil has become very popular with people suffering from chronic pain, sleep disorders, insomnia, anxiety,...

                                      • Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

                                        Experts are Now Calling Alzheimer's Disease Diabetes Type III

                                        ...a. Whether that involves deep breathing, meditation, or yoga, find something that helps you calm down. Get eight hours of sleep every night. Studies show poor sleep becomes a risk factor for cog...

                                        • Tanner Kamp

                                          Slumbering and Massage Therapy

                                          Emotional stress, fatigue, along with sleeping disorders, can easily turn out to be several of the reasons for your own sleep deficiency.

                                          • Tanner Kamp

                                            Attempting to sleep and Massage Therapy

                                            ...t been recently having a good sleep an adequate amount even if yo...d as a result of lack of deep sleep. Your current effectiveness i...cted by your current problems sleeping.Driving a motor vehicle as...han only losing uninterrupted sleep.Insomnia issues is a state th...

                                            • Tanner Kamp

                                              Sleep and Restorative massage

                                              An additional root cause of decline in sleep is working overtime about school or perhaps work.Nonetheless,...nd a few of these might be constant worry, anxious feelings, as well as sleeping disorders.

                                              • Wayne Berman

                                                End Loud snoring At Night By Using These Recommendations

                                       benefiting from getting to sleep propped on 2 or 3 special pillows, nearly getting to sleep within a sitting down begin to have obstructive sleep apnea, you might be reducin...Increase your brain while you sleep at night, to reduce loud snor...

                                                • Naldo Petterson

                                                  Life Insurance After Retirement

                                                  ...should. During a group discussion at the workshop, among the participants who's yet to retire in a couple of months, said he had been not able to sleep in recent months. Your years...