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    • C. Rod Maxson

      My Academy of Health Excellence

      Group and Individual Health Sharing American Healthcare Today! from C. Rod Maxso...ovides a holistic approach to healthcare and wellness. We help individuals and grou...expenses, everyday needs and wellness solutions. We choose their own doctors, healthcare professionals and allow f...

      • C. Rod Maxson

        Sedera Health

        ...ugh a combination a proactive wellness program My Academy of Health Excellence, preventive health...and an organized benevolence Sedera Health, we help businesses to provid...and highly successful medical sharing ministries that have facilitated the sharing of their member’s heal...

        • C. Rod Maxson

          MPowering Benefits

          Designed for Individuals and Famil...atform utilizes My Academy of Health Excellence for health cost elimination via wellness and engagement tools and Sedera Health Sharing Organization for lowering explanation of how and why Sedera's health sharing component works:...