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    • Jennie Schluth

      Ten Habits to Strengthen Your Relationship

      ...llingly follow our rules. Kids who feel strongly connected to their p...and upsets that otherwise make him feel disconnected — and more...cooperate. Which is likely to work better?: "Come eat your break...ugh it. Just acknowledge all those feelings and offer understanding of...

      • Jennie Schluth

        How to Break the Cycle of Shame With Your Child makes the child wrong for feeling, wanting or needing someth...e, ALL children will at times feel, want or need something and e...r you?" What the child feels: "You do not hate yo...cooperating. Connection is a better motivator anyway, and helps y...

        • Chemical Free Living with Essential Oils

          Essential Oil products make natural toothpaste, remedies and nutrition for kids

          Hi! I am a health coach in Louisville, CO and am asked about "natural" remedies from my clients all the...without all of the artificial colors and excess sugar. It’s a treat I can feel g...