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    • Joan Spadafina Phelps

      New Study Advocates Less TV Watching To Maintain Mobility

      ...tripled the study participants' risk of disability over eight-plus years. excessive sitting might affect long-term disability risk, the researchers analyze...y culprit. Regardless of activity levels, disability risk rose 25 percent and 65 p...

      • Joan Spadafina Phelps

        The Benefits of Botox Update

        ...common chronic ailments suffered by people, who, after being treated with FDA approved Botox therapy, were relieved of their pain, discomfort or disability. 1.  Chronic Migraine...

        • Jacqueline Russo, RN, DDS

          The Lifesaving Importance of Getting Dental Care at Least Twice a Year

 twice as likely to develop signs of frailty, such as a weak grip, slow walking speed and exhaustion. Frailty raises risk for hospitalization, disability, physical and mental decline...