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  • Parents Unite!

    Parents Unite!

    Raising tiny humans can be overwhelming at times.  This group is here to share in the joys and support in the hard times.  

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    • Jennie Schluth

      How to Break the Cycle of Shame With Your Child

      How to Break the Cycle of Shame With Your Child by Laura Markham Ph.D. How we can guide children toward appropriate behavior without shaming them "Shaming makes the child wrong for feeling, wanting or needing something." - Robin Grille "Harsh, critical parental behavior...

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      • Jennie Schluth

        Have fun with your kids

        Have fun with your kids Life can be pretty tiring to say the least! Rob Parsons shares how a bit of energy spent on just having fun with your kids can go a long, long, way When my children were small they used to love having what we called a ‘family night&r...

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        • Joan Spadafina Phelps

          Parents and Exercise: Do They Seem Mutually Exclusive?

          Most of us have such busy lives; we don’t know how we find time to include one more activity in to the mix.  Now, intensify that with parenting children and you probably want to wave a white flag in surrender of your will to press on.  When that “one more” activity ...

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