Thomas Berghammer

reposting an important statement: Your health cannot be an afterthought, it needs to be at the top of your mind every day. The goal of our Healthy Care Strategy is exactly that : By joining the WellFit Community our health is on top of our mind


Brief description: Wellness and health conscious individual
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Telephone: 561-325-9779

About me

Health conscious individual ever since I've been a teenager. Outdoors person and Environmentalist and Activist for a Healthy Lifestyle. I have been a Healthcare Provider in the Montefiore Healthsystem for over 3 years dealing with all stages of wellness from burn victims to suicide survivors, diabetic amputations to lung cancer survivors all due to various lifestyle choices and adverse circumstances. Part of my daily routine is any form of excercise be it riding a bike , Gym or just Yoga and additionally healthy choice of my daily nutrition with balanced meal choices.