Jeff Kanter

Your health is not an after thought. It needs to be top of mind every day. Otherwise, everything else about your life will be diminished.


Group membership

  • The 12 Habits of Highly Healthy People

    The 12 Habits of Highly Healthy People

    This group is an adjunct to our "12 Habits" program for MyAHE members. Although this group is open to all, only MyAHE members are eligible to utilize our 24alife personalized health app.
  • Healthy Aging

    Healthy Aging

    Learn how to slow down the aging process and fight the forces of disease
  • Aesthetics and Beauty

    Aesthetics and Beauty

    Maximizing our physical health is key to maximizing our appearance and is best achieved by therapies that work both inside-out and outside-in.
  • Nutrition and Supplementation

    Nutrition and Supplementation

    We are what we eat.. or at least what we absorb. The fuel we put in our bodies is largely responsible for our health and well-being. Both physical and mental.