Amy N

Brief description: Healthy Lifestyle Living
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Telephone: (952) 210-9456
Mobile phone: 952-807-2417
Twitter username: @adventurecise

About me

As a Financial Advisor it is my mission to:

Build wellness in to retirement plans.  Encompassing a Holistic approach to financial planning that includes healthy lifestyle education and practice, social connections and adventure that nurtures curiosity, motivation and healthy habits.

Life is too short to spend or waste money on unaffordable medical insurance that is neither caring nor effective because insurance companies dictate care without considering common sense and realistic natural care with good habits.  Many people would like to retire early and find the high cost of medical insurance a barrier or as a business owner it can drain cash flow.  I offer an alternative to insurance by proposing Health shares and encouraging healthy habits whereby you take back control of your health care and the expenses.

We emphasize healthy diets, exercise and social participation that breeds positive experiences when we are accountable to others that share this healthy approach to change bad habits for the better.