Sedera Health: Revision

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Solving the Health Insurance Cost Problem for Corporate America.

With the rising costs of health insurance, businesses are looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to provide financially for the medical needs of their employees that also complies with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Whatever the goals and motivation behind the law, the net result has been neither “Affordable” nor improved access to “Care.” Through a combination a proactive wellness program My Academy of Health Excellence, preventive health insurance ASi Benefits (that ensures that both employers and employees comply with the Affordable Care Act) and an organized benevolence Sedera Health, we help businesses to provide for the medical expenses of their employees.

Sedera Health (Sedera) is a group healthcare solutions and benevolence organization. It's modeled after a number of proven and highly successful medical sharing ministries that have facilitated the sharing of their member’s healthcare expenses for more than two decades within the confines of the Christian community. The actual sharing model has its roots philosophically in religious movements that can be traced back to the time of Christ.

Sedera is a Delaware corporation founded in response to the urgent need of companies to find affordable ways to help with the healthcare costs of their employees. Sedera’s founders have been deeply involved in issues of medical cost containment for the past 18 years, working with clients all around the country with members in all 50 states. Sedera’s administrative offices are located in Austin, Texas. Sedera’s purpose is to administer a benevolence organization designed to assist its members in the sharing of legitimate medical expenses by and for the exclusive use of its members.

Sedera’s emphasis is on facilitating community for its members through the sharing of their financial needs, and by encouraging one another with practical tools to maintain their health. Sedera’s member companies and their employees willingly assist one another with healthcare costs through voluntary monthly giving.

The Sedera Health Care Sharing (HCS) membership, by and of itself, is not designed to be qualified insurance coverage as defined by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, the complete solution provides an alternative that satisfies the federal statute without compromising the moral and spiritual beliefs of member business owners. To comply with the federal law, member businesses establish a qualifying self-insurance plan known as Minimum Essential Coverage or a MEC plan through a direct relationship with a TPA (Third Party Administrator).

The MEC is only designed to take care of preventive care needs and, in some cases, to provide a framework for qualifying for Health Savings Accounts (HSA). The HCS component enables the sharing of the larger unpredictable medical costs within the membership. Business owners who wish to support their employees’ healthcare needs within this framework may participate in Sedera’s HCS membership by enabling their employees’ access to Sedera.

Participating employee member households are required to abide by the Sedera Membership Guidelines, as set forth in this document. Memberships are not refused on the basis of the health status of individual members, although medical conditions that existed prior to membership may be limited or excluded from sharing. No one is denied membership based on prior medical conditions. However, any needs that do not qualify according to these Guidelines as shareable needs can still be made known to other members through our Special Needs Sharing division (See Section 5.A.). In this way, members with non-shareable needs still have the opportunity to receive help from other members.

Designed for Groups of 5+ (Groups of 3 employees can enroll with a $20/employee / month service fee.) Sedera Health Sharing Organization, a self-pay Patient Platform complete with an MEC (minimum essential coverage) covering Preventative Service with $0 co-pay, Access to an HSA (health savings account- for small and medium needs), member services and Health Sharing for large needs with a choice of unshared amount. ($500 or $1000 per incident)

How Much Does It Cost? My Academy of Health Excellence - Sedera Select Plus solution combines everything you’ll need to become a successful ‘Free-Market Patient’ who is MPowered with health cost sharing:

  • 1 Member $249 (Individual) w/ a $1000 0r $299. w/ a $500 Initial Unshared Amount
  • 2 Members $485 (Couple) w/ a $1000 or $599. w/ a $500 or Initial Unshared Amount
  • 2 Members $427. (Parent w/ Child) w/ a $1000. or $520 w/ a $500 Initial Unshared Amount
  • 3+ Members $638. (Family) w/a $1000 or $786. w/ a $500 Initial Unshared Amount

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