What Happens When Male vs Female Consume Alcohol?

We live in a world in which taking alcohol by both men and women is normal. Regardless of how normal it seems for men and women to take alcohol, it is as though men have bigger freedom to take alcohol as compared to women. 

While men and women are allowed to take alcohol, a lot of people have always wondered what the outcome would be if a female and a male with the same weight took the exact same quantity of alcohol. The effect of a certain amount of alcohol on a man and woman with the same weight will definitely differ. This is simply because men and women do not process alcohol in the same way. All things being equal, when a man and woman of the same weight take the same quantity of alcohol, the likelihood for the woman to get intoxicated is higher than the chances the man will get intoxicated. This is because, with the same quantity of alcohol, women have an obviously higher blood-alcohol concentration (BAC).

Why Should Women Consume Less Alcohol than Men

There are lots of reasons women feel the effects of alcohol more strongly than men do even if they have the same weight. The major reason is men are generally bigger than women. Due to this, their blood volume is relatively bigger than that of women

There are different reasons responsible for a woman getting more intoxicated when she consumes the same quantity of alcohol with a man. Let’s look at some of them

Women Have a Higher Body Fat: Compared to men of the same weight, the fat proportion in a woman’s body is more. The rate at which the body processes alcohol is a lot dependent on body fat. Alcohol is unable to get dissolved in fat. Due to this, a good part of it does not get out of the woman’s fluid. When this happens, there is an increase in her BAC.

Higher Blood Volume in Men: Men have more water volumes in their body when compared to women. All things being equal, a woman’s body only has 52% water while that of a man is 61%. Due to this, the man’s body has a better ability to dilute alcohol when compared to a woman’s. This is one reason a woman’s body ends up keeping more alcohol and her DAC rises considerably higher than the man’s.

More Dehydrogenase (ADH) in Men: Men are generally known to have more ADH than women. This is an enzyme that plays a major role in breaking down alcohol. It is present in the liver and the stomach. A reduced amount of ADH equals a reduced ability to breakdown alcohol. 

Since the woman’s body does not contain as much ADH as the man’s body, a bigger quantity of the consumed alcohol gets into the woman’s bloodstream. This, therefore, increases her chances of getting intoxicated if she takes the same quantity of alcohol with a man with the same weight.

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