Health Excellence Member Benefits

Health Excellence Member Benefits

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Explanation of and access to all paid member Health Excellence benefits including:

  • The Health Excellence Wellness Portal
  • My QR Life Code
  • 12 Habits of Highly Healthy People

Personal - we deliver uniquely configured solutions that address specific participant needs.

Safe - data access, storage and transmission designed to stringent HIPAA/HITECH compliance.

Trusted - developed and managed by board certified physicians, NCQA certified.

Fun - we use exciting and engaging programs to track progress and manage incentives.

Provide effective engagement with members in their health & wellness – spark wellness interests and participation, engage members with their health care needs, motivate sustainable strategies, and provide clinics and coaches with proactive outreach to the members they serve.

Deliver incentive programs for compliance – provide engaging programs that energize members to participate and complete, improving their healthy habits and outcomes over time. Programs can be structured based on specific client goals and objectives.

Expand outreach opportunities to close gaps in care – allow clinicians and coaches to effectively engage with members with better insight of their gaps in care, disease management, lifestyle management and preventive care requirements.

Brief description: Understanding your Health Excellence Benefits

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