Well Fit Wireless Uplights & LED Lights by Chauvet Professional

If you’ve ever used professional lighting, then you know that there are certain elements involved to make the lighting better and more entertaining. That’s what Chauvet Professional aims to do with their product known as the Chauvet Well Fit. Most lighting at public events are able to be seen and take up a lot of space. That’s something that the modern technology of today is about to change. In this guide we’re going to talk about what the Chauvet Well Fit is and how it cam help you in your next big gathering to provide a unique lighting experience – helping you captivate your audience and entertain.

The Fittest Lighting

One thing is for certain, most powerful spotlights and wash lights are big and bulky. More than anything, they’re not very discreet. The WELL Fit changes everything in that aspect. It has unique features that make it stand out above the rest of the competition, while maintaining a certain amount of sleekness that you can only get with this product. Some of these features include:

  • A powerful OLED LED light.
  • High-powered wash lighting
  • Chrome housing to help make it suitable for literally any setting (and harder to see)
  • You can control it via a W-DMX or the infrared remote that it comes with.
  • You can control the light manually from the OLED display face on the light fixture itself.
  • It allows for quick and easy installation, set-up, and use.
  • You get a completely wireless battery powered light that has multiple colors (RBGA) LEDs for easy color changing.
  • The battery lasts for up to 8 hours, and the charge time is only 5 hours so you can use it frequently.
  • The light comes with programs that can be recalled.

Many Different Uses for this Light Available

There are many reasons why you’d use this as your professional lighting source. If you’re a musician, and you are performing smaller shows, or even larger venues, this can come in handy to provide a bit of accentuated lighting. Have multiple items lined up on a lighting rod, and you’ve got a complete solution for your lighting needs. Regardless of what you’re using it for, you can have some of the best lighting on the planet. Who uses Chauvet lighting like the WELL Fit? Well, we’ve got that covered too! Use it if you:

  • Are DJing small or large clubs to provide a unique logical lighting experience that can be responsive, or allow you to control them.
  • If you’re a public speaker, you can use the WELL Fit to help provide an accentuated source of lighting for your area, or for intermissions.
  • Of course, smaller musicians or bands can greatly benefit from this light as well since it doesn’t put a burn into your pocketbook.

How Does a Wash Light Work?

When it comes to filling a room with colors, you can count on a WASH light even as powerful as the WELL Fit to do the job. The reason why they call it a wash light, is because it “color washes” the room and turns everything that color. A lot of times, they’re interchangeable to provide versatility to a performance or venue. A lot of places use them as crowd lighting, but other groups such as performers and musicians use it not only to light up the crowd, but to use in stage shows where they can change the color of their outfit. 

If you’ve ever watched a performance such as the Blue Man Group, they use a powerful mixture of lighting including Wash Lights to help color their entire set and stage during certain songs. Some performers also use wash lighting to light up the area and provide a dynamic display of colors that can help to create stunning lightshows, improve eye coordination, and even enhance the sound (if you’ve ever seen a concert performance, you can tell the best performers from the lighting they use and how good of a stage show they have).

There are more lights out there, such as the Flood Light, Par Lights, Par Lights, and Followspots, but the most commonly used is the wash light.


Chauvet has been a professional leader when it comes to LED lighting for performance purposes. This year, they’ve released a one of a kind light that can provide hours of light for a fraction of the price of other units. Not only that, but the fact that it’s lightweight and LED helps to save power, doesn’t get too hot, and can eliminate the need for cooling stations for your venue lighting.

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