Gratitude is Your Super Power

Gratitude and appreciation are superpowers that everyone is blessed with. They are two of the most empowering feelings.  They help us remember what is good in our lives and allow us to fill our mind with positive thoughts instead of negative ones. They’re some of the best tools in your toolbox for uplifting yourself and others, but like exercise equipment, only work when you use them.

Dr. Amit Sood, featured in our video this month, teaches that we all have predispositions in our brain that compel us to use our “focused brain” only 20% of the time.  Our “default brain”, the wandering brain, controls the remaining 80% of brain activity and it focuses on about 150 open files – unfinished tasks and imaginary fears.  This preoccupation with minutia and uncertainties creates stress and anxiety and steals our happiness.

In order to reclaim our joy and peace he coaches us to transform our lives through gratitude and compassion.  That seems easy enough to understand, but exactly how do we harness these fears and prevent our mind from wandering to the dark side? 

Dr. Sood teaches us that by using his 5,3,2 program, which we hope you will incorporate into your daily lives, you can experience the ultimate bliss that you deserve. 

The 5-3-2 program starts off before you even get out of bed, thinking of 5 people you are grateful for having in your life.  Think of the ways this person has touched your life and send your silent gratitude to that person.  Put a post- it note on your mirror that just says “gratitude” so if you forget, go back to bed and intentionally start your day off with gratitude by sending a virtual hug to these 5 people. 

The second part is 3 minutes.  If you want more enjoyment in your personal life, meet your family at the end of the day with intentionality.  That means check your phone one last time before you go into the house and turn it off.  For 3 minutes meet your family and engage them with no interruptions.  Just be present and listen.  Don't try to improve anyone, just be interested in what they are saying and creatively praise them.   

And finally, the last step takes only 2 seconds.  It is all about how we engage one another.  It takes less than one second to judge someone.  Our brains are programed to start judging immediately based on pre-programming.  So when you engage someone before you start judging, align your heart and wish him or her well. 

Look at the world the way you want the world to look at you.  This will help you to engage with the world in a positive way and allow more love, joy and gratitude in your life. 

The 12 Habits of Highly Healthy People

The 12 Habits of Highly Healthy People

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