Weight Management Resolve

Okay, so you’ve over-indulged during the recent holiday festivities which, of course, centered around some pretty tasty food that, unfortunately, was on your weight management list of foods NOT to eat.  We’ve all experienced this particular scenario.

The Mayo Clinic advises that the key to any weight loss or weight management program is to make a “mental shift” away from feeling defeated with its all-too-common return to old unhealthy eating habits.  Instead, accept the brief over-indulgence detour and, as soon as possible, rev up your determination to get back in gear with your healthy eating routine.  By doing this you will avoid gaining weight over the holiday season.

The Mayo Clinic offers several techniques to stay motivated in reaching your goals:

Negative Thoughts and Feelings

Negative thought patterns can sabotage your efforts, so be careful not to let negative thoughts rule – stay positive!  The internal dialogue you have with yourself influences your actions.  Thoughts such as “I’ll never lose weight” or “I’m no good at exercising” can weaken your self-esteem and stall your progress.  Replace these thoughts with positive statements.  Instead of: “I can’t stick with an exercise program,” tell yourself: “I can meet one realistic goal today.”

Unrealistic Expectations

Many people imagine that losing weight will solve all their problems.  Your life will likely change with weight loss — but probably not in all the ways you imagine.  Losing weight doesn’t guarantee a better social life or more satisfying job.  Keep your expectations focused on those very real benefits like more energy and higher self-esteem.


Words such as always, never or must place undue pressure on you.  Telling yourself you’ll never eat chocolate again or you must walk two miles a day can lead to guilt-ridden lapses.  Instead, treat yourself now and then in ways that make sense — when you’re out to dinner with friends, not when you’re feeling sad.

All-or-nothing Thinking

One setback doesn’t mean failure.  If you eat too much one day, you haven’t blown your plan.  Counteract this kind of thinking with moderation — no “good” and “bad” foods, for example, and it’s okay to have dessert once in a while.  Remind yourself you can get back on track tomorrow.

Be flexible on your weight-loss journey. Don’t expect perfection. If you have a slip-up, learn from it and move on.