Live Longer, Feel Better

What if we told you that you could live to be 120 years old? 

Would you even want to?

Based on today's life expectancy, and the rate at which our bodies normally deteriorate, living to 120 sounds pretty miserable. If our health starts really declining at 60 an we're in a nursing home by 80, why would we want to remain in that state even longer than what's typical?

But what if we were still as vibrant and healthy at 85 as we were at 40? What if we could still live on our own, drive, bake donuts for the community, and enjoy our independence at 93? Or 104?

This happens more often than you think, and it can be true for you, which is why we're so excited to invite you a private screening of an upcoming documentary about longevity and anti-aging tips that we're featured in that won't air to the world until January 2018. The documentary is titled Live Longer, Feel Better and...

  • Because you're part of our online tribe, we were able to reserve a FREE ticket for you and your loved-ones to watch it before anyone else can from Nov 30 - Dec 6!

Isn't that cool?!? We haven't been able to see it yet because it's still being produced, and we can watch it all together! 

Seriously, this is a really sweet treat - to watch a global premiere screening two months before anyone else - and we hope you take advantage of it!

The Live Longer, Feel Better documentary series is all about expanding not only the length of our lives, but the quality of life well into our senior years. Taking care of ourselves now means enjoying our independence later!  To your health and longevity!