Diffuse Away Anxiety with Essential Oils

 The use of essential oils has recently skyrocketed – and for good reason. One of nature’s best-kept secrets for centuries, essential oils are a simple and effective way to shift your mood and vitality almost instantaneously.  Embraced by cultures since possibly the ancient Egyptians, they’re time-tested and now research confirmed. High-quality organic essential oils can indeed support your emotional and even physical health.  

What are essential oils? The purest essential oils are extracted from the leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, bark, stems and roots of wild-grown plants carefully cultivated in various climates and regions around the globe. When produced and handled with care, they can retain important therapeutic qualities of the plant. However, as potentially valuable as they may be, essential oils just sitting in a bottle won’t do you much good. You must get them into your body. While many people like to massage them into their skin – and that’s an excellent way to use certain essential oils, the fastest and most efficient way to get essential oils into your lungs and throughout your body is through your sense of smell or your olfactory system


In your nose are smell receptors that respond to scents. These receptors send chemical messages along the nerve pathways to your brain’s limbic system, also known as your “emotional brain.”Your limbic system controls many basic functions: your breathing, heart rate, memory, stress levels, and even your hormones. It’s intimately involved with your moods and emotions. When your limbic system or your “emotional brain” is stimulated by the scent of an essential oil, it can have profound effects on your mind and body. Scents can invoke memories, stimulate feelings, and arouse your senses.  

However, with essential oils, it’s important to note that your olfactory system isn’t just limited to your nose…Certain essential oils can be absorbed through your nasal cavity and through your bronchial tract and lungs.  All these “fast track” delivery systems help explain how your body – and your brain – can respond so quickly to a calming or invigorating essential oil scent!

Our favorite use is at bedtime.  Diffuse lavender oil for 15 minutes before bedtime and put a couple of drops on your pillow for a delicious nights' sleep!

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