GMOs What's the Big Deal?

Starting August 22nd at 9 AM EST Jeffrey Smith, along with an impressive team of experts uncover and share the disturbing truths about a serious threat lurking in so much of what we eat.  From Monsanto to Ben and Jerry's, big corporations are putting our lives at risk all for the sake of profits.  

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GMOs Revealed

...delves deep into the ways that genetically modified foods (and the toxic chemicals they are made to resist ) are wreaking havoc on our bodies and causing serious damage to the environment.

This important docu-series will be broadcasting exclusive content in a 9-day event, from August 22nd to August 31st.

See exactly how a chemical originally created as a powerful mineral descaler for industrial pipes and boilers has made its way into our food.

They know their products are making us sick,

...and you will be shocked by the cover-ups, media manipulation, and unethical behavior that has been quietly going on behind the scenes.

GMOs Revealed brings you the true story behind an industry that is one of the biggest silent threats of our time, and you can watch it FREE from August 22nd to August 31st.

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