Successful Video Marketing & 2017 Trends

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    we see the advancements advertising has made in the last video evento decade at creating businesses, and how effective it is. But as digital advertising evolves, can it arrive at a point where it does not have anything fresh to give you the small business owner and what will we do?We believe digital advertising will continue to evolve and it'll continue to offer effective online marketing plans for any size business but we are also seeing the latest trends favouring video advertising. From YouTube and Facebook Live, to Snapchat and Facebook's upcoming video creator app, advancements in video marketing are occurring fast.To support this announcement, We've gathered a few of the latest video advertising numbers and broken them down by category to reveal Precisely How successful and significant digital marketing can be to the business.Video Marketing by Volume

    content that is on-site is viewed by 82 percent of Twitter users.

    YouTube now has over 1,000,000,000 users.

    Every week 45 percent of users watch over a hour of internet content.

    Nearly 90 percent of advertising and marketing agencies use digital content.

    One-third of activity is spent watching movies.


    More than 50 percent of online content has been seen on mobile devices.

    92 percent of mobile video audiences share videos .

    90 percent of Twitter video views occur on a mobile device.

    10,000,000 videos have been viewed on Snapchat daily.


    51 percent of marketing professionals say electronic content delivers the best ROI.

    Firms using online video content increase their revenue 49% faster compared to users.

    59% of internet users say they would choose media content over text.

    Video content drives a 157% increase in natural traffic .

    Videos as many as two minutes long get the absolute most participation.

    Conversions can increase by more than 80 percent.

    After seeing an ad 46 percent of users behave.

    3 times more visitors are attracted by movie content.

    Engagement is boosted by websites with ads .

    As you can see, video marketing is extremely effective at engaging your audience online, it is used by more businesses than to introduce new products, offer tips and advice on how best to use goods and to engage their customers on the go and video marketing can increase earnings making your business more successful.Marketing Trends for 2017Its 2017, thus, let us look at the digital advertising and advertising trends to look out for this season. Video marketing is evolving so to stay on top, you will need to stay one step ahead of the contest.1. Facebook VideoNo surprises. Views on Facebook have risen from 1 billion to eight billion from the last year. Facebook has invested in video in decades, using their Facebook Live, starting a few months back. We predict that there will be an even larger increase in people uploading, sharing, and discovering media.2. Live VideoAs mentioned earlier, video was released by Facebook. Brands and consumers are using Facebook Live to socialize with their followers. Twitter combined with Periscope to allow users to incorporate live broadcasts into tweets. 82% of Twitter users state they watch videos on a normal basis. Live video makes a new opportunity.3. Video for SalesAccording to recent studies, only 4% of individuals prefer to learn about a new product or service by reading a manual, 5% prefer talking to someone on the telephone and 44% want to watch a video.4.