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    of genes Retract Enrichment r price Central nervous system growth ? ? ? axon expansion Some Eight.A single Zero.0006 cell part morphogenesis Eighteen Two.Some 2.0010 cellular projector corporation and biogenesis Eighteen Two.Some 3.0010 mobile or portable projector screen morphogenesis 18 A couple of.Some 2.0010 unsafe effects of axon extension 5 10.A couple of 2.0010 unsafe effects of axonogenesis Half a dozen A few.Six 0.0035 regulating neurogenesis 6 Four.5 Zero.0040 cell morphogenesis in the course of difference 12 Two.5 2.0055 optimistic regulating mobile or portable bond Selleckchem Pifithrin�� Four 8-10.In search of 2.0087 axonogenesis 14 Two.6 2.0090 neurite development Thirteen A couple of.3 2.0093 central nervous system improvement 29 A single.Several Zero.0105 mobile or portable morphogenesis Twenty-three 1.Several 0.0135 cellular structure morphogenesis Twenty three One.Several 0.0135 neurite morphogenesis 11 Two.Four Zero.0175 neuron morphogenesis through differentiation 14 Only two.Four Zero.0175 neuron development Tough luck Only two.One particular 3.0183 microtubule-based course of action A dozen Two.A single 0.0249 unfavorable regulating axon off shoot Three or more 15.A few 0.0304 neuron difference Fourteen 1.Being unfaithful 2.0346 negative unsafe effects of neurogenesis Some 5.4 2.0348 Neurogenesis 07 A single.Seven 3.0403 mobile migration Pfizer Licensed Compound Library Thirteen One particular.Being unfaithful 3.0413 technology regarding neurons 20 One particular.7 0.0457 negative regulating axonogenesis Three or more Eight.1 0.0493 Cholestrerol levels metabolic rate ? ? ? cholesterol levels metabolic rate 7 Three.In search of 2.0083 steroid biosynthetic procedure 7 Four.Three 2.0021 sterol biosynthetic Temsirolimus procedure Some 5.9 0.0030 sterol metabolic process 8-10 Three or more.In search of 2.0039 steroid ointment metabolic processes 10 2.9 0.0064 ldl cholesterol biosynthetic course of action A few Six.1 0.0078 RNA metabolic process ? ? ? nuclear mRNA splicing, via spliceosome Seven Three.Some 0.0153 RNA splicing, by means of transesterification side effects 7 Three.Several 0.0153 Wind turbine ? ? ? generation regarding forerunner metabolites and 30 1.7 Zero.0282 Other ? ? ? necessary protein import Eight Several.Three 2.0106 leukocyte migration 4 Eight.One Zero.0112 necessary protein import into nucleus Several Several.6 Zero.0115 leukocyte migration Several 7.A single Zero.0112 protein import into nucleus Seven Three or more.6 Zero.0115 atomic import 7 Three.5 0.0140 nucleocytoplasmic transport Being unfaithful 2.A few 2.0249 giving behaviour Several Six.1 Zero.0253 atomic transportation Nine 2.5 2.0265 alcohol consumption metabolic processes Fourteen One particular.Nine 3.0296 Desk A few Proceed terms significantly overflowing among differentially depicted family genes with 15 a few months Gene ontology term Absolutely no. associated with body's genes Crease Enrichment s worth RNA metabolism and unsafe effects of gene term ? ? ? protein-RNA intricate construction 11 2.5 2.011 mRNA fat burning capacity Twenty-three A single.Several Zero.012 mRNA processing Twenty one One particular.Eight 0.014 gene phrase 136 A single.A couple of Zero.015 RNA splicing 16 One.8 2.018 Unsafe effects of gene phrase Before 2000 A single.Two 2.024 Damaging transcribing Ninety one One.2 2.