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    28 patients with PEX (mean age 77.1 years [range 61 - 87] and control group �C 25 patients without clinical signs of PEX (mean age 76.8 years [range 62 - 86]. SPSS 21 statistical package was used for statistical analysis. Results In the group of patients with PEX ECD was 2228.57 cells/mm2 [range 1443 �C 2757] (�� 290.01), hexagonal cells �C 62.18 % [range 47-75] (�� 7.08 %), CV - 31,04 [range 22-47] �� 5,24. In the control group ECD was 2500.96 cells/mm2 [range 2012 �C 3243] (�� 351.77), hexagonal cells �C 59.64 % [range 45-70] (�� 5.92 %), CV - 31,92 [range 25-39] �� 4,26. The mean difference between two groups with and without PEX for ECD was found to be significant (2228,57 vs 2500,96 cells/mm2, p = 0.003). There was no Nintedanib statistically significant difference between these two groups comparing hexagonality (62,18% vs 59,64%, p = 0,166) and CV (31,04 vs 31,92, p = 0,507). Conclusion The endothelial cell density is significantly lower in patients with pseudoexfoliation syndrome. PEX had no BGB324 research buy impact to hexagonality and coefficient of variation in cell size. ""Purpose TNF-�� inhibitors have been used over the last few years in noninfectious uveitis refractory to traditional immunosuppressive agents, with promising results. However, in the literature, TNF-�� blockers have mostly been studied in uncontrolled trials, or case-series with small effectives. The purpose was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of anti TNF-�� in a larger effective of patients. Methods Evolution of noninfectious uveitis in patients treated with anti TNF-�� agents was retrospectively reviewed, for subjects managed of between July 2001 and June 2013 in ten French departments of ophthalmology. Ocular inflammation, dosage of prednisone were the main criteria for efficacy. Results We included 162 patients. Uveitis was bilateral in 82%, panuveitis in 62%, with retinal vasculitis in35% and macular edema in54% of cases. Anti TNF�� (infliximab 57%, adalimumab 40%, etanercept 3%) were introduced in case of non-response to immunosuppressives in 88%. Median duration of treatment was 18 months [8-33] and median follow up, 27 months [8-53]. Complete or partial response was reported in 93.2% of subjects at 1 month. Mean dose of prednisone was significantly reduced after 6 and 12 months of treatment (n=101 ; 15mg SCH727965 price [6-47,5] at introduction vs 10mg [8-15] at 6 months and 9mg [5-15] at 12 months; p