Western Painting - Digital Painting - An Art Style With a Mix of Tradition and Modernity

    Antonio Paaske
    By Antonio Paaske
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    Digital Painting - The ConceptDigital Painting is a budding Western Art form, involving the use of the traditional styles of painting, including impasto, oils, and watercolor, executed finally through digital tools on a computer. The painting is made on the computer directly by using various brushes and painting effects. However, it is definitely not an exclusively computer 'generated' art style. Traditional art styles, such as pastels, watercolors, oils, air brushing, and even charcoal effects can be created using the digital medium.The DetailsMost Digital Painting software, like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, and ArtRage enable the artist to create their own brushes, by giving them the flexibility to choose the correct shape. These Digital Art software have been designed specifically to provide several options to painters, including millions of colors, palettes, brushes, and other painting tools, and a canvas, whose size can be chosen. Most famous types of Digital Painting are Realism, Watercolor, Fantasy, and Impressionism.AdvantagesDigital Painting allows for a hassle free environment with almost no mess. The artist can 'undo' a mistaken stroke, at any moment. Graphics Tablet replicates an actual drawing surface and helps ensure precise hand movement of the artist. However, some people say that the control accorded in holding a brush directly in the hand is much better than that available in the digital style of painting. The digital artists have at their disposal, several tools not available to the traditional painter. Some of these include a virtual palette consisting of millions of colors and almost any size canvas or media. Digital Paintings accord flexibility in as much as they can be simply printed on a paper, or can be uploaded on a computer. In addition, being technical in nature and various online tutorials available, anyone interested can learn it.The EssenceDigital Painting demands a lot of patience, as it requires tremendous attention to details. Color combinations as well as the artist's perspective, both are very important. This beautiful art style requires discipline as well as the ability to ensure a good creation, necessitating both, talent as well as technical skills on the part of the artist. While one may argue on the benefits and the drawbacks of Digital Paintings vis-à-vis traditional paintings, it is also true that art is simply about expression. It is not so much about the medium, as much it is about the artist's creativity and pleasure or unique phone case attraction it creates for the viewer. In such a scenario, the importance of theme soars high. Digital Painting is still an evolving art form with a lot of creativity and talent yet to come.