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If you’re in the Amarillo Texas area, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to get the best fitness training you can. With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, it may be difficult to get into a gym. That’s where Live Well Fit comes into play. With remote training sessions and even secluded and socially distanced gym training, you can go into the gym and get the exercise you need. In this guide, were going to explain what Live Well Fit is and what the trainers can do for you.

What Does Live Well Fit Offer?

Live Well Fit is dedicated to helping people with over 35 years of physical fitness and dance experience. You can get a lot of different things that all pertain to women’s health and wellness. From home fitness to professional coaching, you can ensure that you get the best training possible.

In order to live well fit as a woman, you have to realize that as you age, you are more susceptible to health problems. Women are more apt to get problems with osteoporosis, and other issues like vitamin deficiencies and more. Most importantly, as we get older, we may need more support as well. That’s where LWF can come in as well – our coach can help give you the right tools you need in order to provide not only workouts, but fitness for your mental and physical health as well with a proper support system.

What Age Range is Live Well Fit For?

At Live Well Fit, we try not to limit ourselves in any way. Most of our workouts are available on social media and Zoom, and we can cater to many people with workouts originally targeted for ladies 50 and over. However, you aren’t limited to just doing these workouts if you’re this age – many people can benefit from our workouts. You can work out and benefit from lightweight workouts no matter how old you are, and whatever your physical physique is.

Diet and Nutrition

One thing that many physical fitness coaches provide at times is dieting tips and more. With the Live Well Fit program, you get more than just a coach that’s going to tell you what you’re going to do. More importantly, you get a true coach that shares things like recipes and other fun stuff with you in regards to cooking (and will even cook with you). If you have questions about certain things, like ingredients, and more, you get true interaction with a live coach that you can truly have conversations with and work with you. More importantly, you have a professional who’s well trained in the art of nutrition to help provide you with the best meals and ingredients that can kickstart your health.

As women get older and need more nutrients, many of the things that they can get those nutrients from, is the right fruits and vegetables. This, combined with the proper cooking and nutrition techniques can help to increase vitamins and minerals in the body, and lower the risks of stroke, heart problems, blood pressure problems, kidney problems, and increase things like calcium – one super important mineral that a woman’s body needs and begins to lack the most. Getting the right nutrients can also help combat symptoms of female issues such as menopause, osteoporosis, stress level regulation, and much more. But what’s important is that you have the right teacher that can show you how to get these things – and it’s even more fun in a group setting!

What About Personal Coaching?

When you get a personal coach, it’s important that you do a phone interview first. With the pandemic, everything is done remotely because you need to still get in shape – but you aren’t able to actually be in a group setting. That’s where the remote sessions come in handy. You can get core training, living fit, and even have a fun group interaction in a remote environment.


If you’re wanting to live well and fit and you’re in the Amarillo, TX area, you should stay in shape no matter where you’re at, or how old you are. More than anything, women need the strength to bear many different endeavors. That’s what LWF is aiming to do – give people a remote group fitness instruction that can help you learn how to be healthy and well. From nutritional advise to health and wellness in general, it’s definitely an empowering moment where you can make new friends and have fun to reconnect with fellow females in a healthy environment.

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