Thomas Fahey’s Fit & Well 12th Edition PDF 

If you’re wanting to learn core concepts and get actual data that helps you achieve excellent health, then you may want to look into a popular book by Thomas Fahey. In this guide, we’re going to cover a little bit about the book “Fit and Well 12th Edition” by the popular author of many health and wellness eBooks. This book is a newer edition of the LooseLeaf Fit & Well book that is meant for college students and medical students, and this revised version is less than the original loose-leaf as well.

About the Author

This revised booklet is written by not only Thomas Fahey, who has written hundreds of popular magazine articles and scholarly articles. He is also a popular editor for many different fitness “zines”. Along with this, he has won numerous health and fitness medals in his lifetime.

Along with Fahey, Walton T. Roth, a psychiatrist and graduate of Stanford’s University of Medicine, as well as the VA Palo Alto Healthcare service chief joins him. To make the book even more powerful, Paul Insel, one of Amarica’s popular mental health professors (who has written numerous books himself regarding mental health and nutrition) joins the team to provide an extremely detailed text book for students.

Is This the Complete Book?

According to some users, they received the complete edition of this book. However, there are many users who bought the loose leaf edition (or even the e-Book) and found that there were multiple pages missing. Fortunately, if you aren’t renting from RentU, you can buy the book used or new, or even utilize other platforms – such as the eTextbook version of the book as well on Amazon.

What is the Book About?

This book is approximately 15 chapters long and helps students learn management solutions and science to improve results of the student’s performance in health and wellness. Although it written by the authors above, this textbook is published by world renowned McGraw Hill, and is meant for university students to give lessons on activity habits, eating habits, and can even teach students all about stress management. Mixing fitness and mental health is something that many professional coaches and fitness trainers already know and use, so it’s important that you add this to your regimen if you’re going to try to live healthy and well yourself. No matter where you go, you’ll be able to use the tools in this textbook to provide yourself the right tools to live happy and healthy.

A Detailed Look at the Contents

In this book, you get an in-depth look at core concepts and labs in the physical fitness realm. The book uses both online multimedia tools, and up to date technology as well, so you can learn how to personalize your learning habits. This can help you develop wellness and fitness programs in your own life since everyone’s unique, and apply them for lifetime practices that you can maintain over time. There are many items in this book, such as tattoing, tanning beds, exercise demos (recorded as videos),a nd you can get a fitness nutrition log and learn how to keep it, so you can monitor your behavior and professional fitness goals and achievements. This book is unlike every other regular fitness book out there today, because you get a comprehensive bit of data analysis results, as well as learn how to analyze and see the results of your very own tests and assignments.

This book is meant to be used throughout a whole year of college, and is a great book for applied sciences, biology, nutrition, and health classes. You can also learn various tools such as ways to calculate your caloric intake and increase your health, and keep track of your health and food intake with a god food journal. Many people resort to online websites that contain information about certain foods, and this book also helps you find the right places you need to go – providing much of the material like only the authors can.


While it may appear that this is a normal textbook, the Fit & Well book has a lot of concepts that you can use in everyday life, as well as use in order to teach others happy and healthy lifestyle habits. From common workout training and fitness training, all the way down to mental health and stability, as well as factors that can contribute to all of the above, you can get a full textbook that can teach you how to be a better student.

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